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Regional Affiliation of the Tennessee Psychological Association


Welcome to the Inter-Mountain Psychological Association website. We are located in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast TN. We hope that you will check out our events and consider being a part of our efforts in building relationships and impacting our community.


COVID-19 Message

Posted April 19th, 2020 on behalf of Dr. Gina DelGardo of the TN Mental Health Rapid Response Task Force:


A Bit of Background

The Inter-Mountain Psychological Association (IMPA) was founded in 1988 with the purpose of advancing the science, study, and profession of psychology within Northeast TN. The organization provides an opportunity for professional affiliation, community resources regarding psychological services, and a setting to learn about ongoing psychological research in the region.

"I have heard from a number of mental health professionals wondering how you can help during this stressful time. A new state wide Mental Health Rapid Response Task Force was recently formed with a group of professionals from various state mental health association. We presented a proposal to the State of TN, for a help phone line to provide emotional support, and a referral network, for front line health care workers/first responders. Our discussions with the State are positive, with the a commitment to participate and provide support to form a private public partnership, in order to get this help line up and running very soon. The members of the Task force are reaching out to State Mental Health Associations to put together a list of providers who are willing to volunteer and commit some hours weekly, to help on the emotional support phone line being developed for front line health care workers. It appears that the phone line service will have an easy app that volunteers can turn on, if they have time to take a call, and turn off, when they need to get back to their other responsibilities. This is an easy way to volunteer ! Please email me at if you can volunteer some hours weekly for the phone line. Please email me your name, license number, email address and phone number. If you have an idea when, or how many hours you could set aside for this, you can leave that information too. Please share this information with other mental health providers.

Thank you,

Gina DelGardo, Ph.D."


We hope that you consider becoming a member of the Inter-Mountain Psychological Association. To be a member, you must have an advanced degree in psychology or be a licensed psychologist. Students currently enrolled in a psychology program may also be members. If you are not eligible for membership, we still encourage you to attend our meetings if they are of interest.

Social Gathering


One Step at a Time

IMPA typically offers at least 2 CE trainings each year, including one in the fall that is designed to satisfy the Cultural Diversity requirement for psychology licensure in Tennessee, and a training in the spring semester that is designed to satisfy the Law & Ethics requirement for TN licensure.

Join the community listserv to stay tuned for announcements about upcoming events.  To join, use the Contact tool at the bottom of this page to send a request to have your email added to the "Community Listserv." 

Overlooking the Mist


Helping Create Community

IMPA strives to create a place for community among psychology professionals and students in the Tri-Cities area.  Several events are planned each year that offer excellent opportunities for developing relationships with others in the field in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Join the community listserv to stay tuned for announcements about upcoming events.  To join, use the Contact tool at the bottom of this page to send a request to have your email added to the "Community Listserv." 

Outside Dinner


Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol), TN, USA

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